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16mm Scale (19.05:1) Narrow Gauge

Narrow gauge kits in 16mm scale (also known as 19:05:1 or SM-32). These  kits represent 2 ft. gauge rolling stock, designed to run on O gauge track (except for those with double flange wheels which require special points or switches). The prototypes are mostly Welsh 2 foot gauge equipment and WWI War Department military rolling stock. Most of the kits are injected moulded plastic with some brass or white metal detail parts for the more delicate components. Some kits are done in etched brass using simple fold up components and are not difficult to build. Slaters is the manufacturer and produces a high quality but easy to build kit with prototype wheels (steel tires/axles, brass bearings), including the double flange type where appropiate .

Locomotive kits (complete with motor, gears and wheels).

16L05 World War I Baldwin 4-6-0T kit. Includes wheels, gears and motor. $929.50
16L001 De Winton verticle boiler 0-4-0, complete kit with motor, gears and wheels. $395.50
16L002 Hunslet 0-4-0T cabless saddle tank locomotive kit. Complete w/motor, wheels, gears. $525.50
16L003 Festiniog Ry. 0-4-0T "Prince". Complete kit with tender, motor, gears, wheels. $595.50
16L04 20 HP War Dept. Simplex. Faulhaber 12 volt motor, lost wax castings, highly detailed. $539.50
16L04 20 HP War Dept. Simplex, as built and modified with low seat.

Goods wagons and passenger rolling stock kits:

16W01 Dinorwic Quarry slate wagon. Moulded styrene kit. $39.50
16W03 Festiniog Railway stale wagon, Etched brass kit $49.50
16 W04 Festiniog Railway slate wagon, un-braked, etched brass kit, slot and tab construction. $47.50
16W06 WWI side tipping "skip" wagon. Moulded plastic kit. $39.50
16W08 Dinorwic Quarry slab wagon. Fold up etched brass kit, double flange wheels. $49.50
16W09 Dinorwic Quarry rubbish wagon. Fold up etched brass kit, double flange wheels. $49.50
16W07 WD WWI open wagon, one piece resin body and underframe $59.50
16W05 WWI War Department bogie wagon "D" gondola. Moulded styrene kit. $129.50
16C01 Festining Ry. first class coach. Moulded styrene kit. $149.50
16C02 Festiniog Ry. third class coach. Moulded styrene kit. $149.50

Slaters also produces four locomotive klits; the verticle boiler DeWinton outside frame 0-4-0, cabless quarry Hunslet 0-4-0 saddle tank, Festiniog Ry. 0-4-0 saddle tank/tender locomotive "Prince" and 20 HP War Dept. Simplex. Call or e-mail for additional details.