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Australian HO RTR models

On this page we list the HO scale ready to run models of Australian Railways including the impressive AD60 class Beyer Garratt that ran on the NSWR until the mid 1970s (now sold out), VR (Victoria Railway) H class 4-6-4 and the NSWR class 50 2-8-0.

NSWR AD 60 class 4-8-4+4-8-4 Beyer Garratt in HO scale. This ready to run model comes DCC ready or with DCC installed and QSI sound and will operate on DCC or regular 12 volt DC. The AD60 has two motors, NMRA wheel profiles, Kadee compatible couplers and over 120 factory applied detail parts. A very impressive locomotive by Eureka Models. This model is now sold out but a rerun is expected in 2020. Place your reservations now!
The AD60 model is available DCC ready or with DCC and QSI sound. The model features two motors and over 120 seperately applied parts including Kadee compatable couplers.

NSWR AD60, shown with weathered finish (now sold out).

AD60 in "as delivered" red lining. Available as 6001. Available with DCC/QSI sound.

The AD60 in action on a coal train in the 1970s.


NSWR AD60 #6020 in centenary red and cream lining. Available with DCC/sound.

Many new Australian railway models are planned or in production, including reruns. Future models include a rerun of the NSWR class 38 4-6-2, both streamlined and non-streamlined, NSWR class 59 2-8-2, class 50 2-8-0, CPH/CTH 2 car rail motor set, class 40 diesel, VR class R 4-6-4, VR K class 2-8-0, and NSWR 4 wheel coal wagons, covered hopper wagon and CHG guards van. The HUB passenger set, cattle and sheep wagons are in stock and other freight rolling stock is in the works.

Victoria Railways class R 4-6-4, with DCC and sound. $589.50

VR R class 4-6-4, available with DCC/sound, With sound and weathering. $609.50

VR R class 4-6-4 with DCC/sound, weathered finish $609.50
NSWR class 50 2-8-0, superheated, DCC ready or with sound and weathering. $609.50
NSWR class 50 2-8-0, superheated, DCC and QSI sound. $589.50
NSWR 50 class 2-8-0 will be available as superheated or saturated and with DCC/sound. In stock.
NSWR class 50 2-8-0, saturated DCC ready, available with QSI sound. $589.50
VR K class 2-8-0 will be available with DCC and sound. Due 2016

NSWR class 620/720 two unit diesel railcar units with DCC/QSI sound.

NSWR CPH/CTH railmotor set pilot model. With sound $495.50, without $395.50

NSWR class 38 4-6-2, streamlined, available with or without sound. Rerun due 2016.

NSWR C38 class 4-6-2, streamlined, available with or without sound. Rerun due 2016.

NSWR C38 class 4-6-2 available w/DCC/sound. Rerun due 2016.

NSWR class 40 diesel prototype photo. RTR model with DCC/sound due 2016.

NSWR D59 class 2-8-2 will be available with DCC and sound. Due 2016.

NSWR C38 class 4-6-2 (rerun due 2016) with a train of HUB passenger equipment (in stock)

Australian NSWR freight and passenger rolling stock, ready to run. Perfect for the AD60 Beyer Garratt or C38  4-6-2. The cattle and sheep wagons are now available along with the 5 car HUB passenger set. The sets of 10 LCH and 10 CCH hopper wagons, with different numbers, are now sold out but a rerun is due later this year. The guards van will also be available again later this year. Additional freight and passenger rolling stock is being developed including gondolas, covered hoppers and tank cars.

NSWR HUB 5 car passenger set. All cars have complete interior and underbody detail. $535.50

NSWR NOEF class ore wagon, available in red, black, blue, pack of 3. $165.50

NSWR RSH covered hopper. Available in a pack of 4 NSWR or 3 NSWR and 1 private owner (4), $149.50

NSWR NOGX bogie ore wagons, red pack of 2. $95.50

NSWR G bogie ore wagon, black livery. Pack of 5 $235.50

Victoria Ry tank car, "Golden Fleece", available in 3 car pack. $175.50

Victoria Ry. tank cars. Three cars per pack, 2 "Fleece", 1 diesel. $175.50

NWWR cattle wagon, available with weathering. Pack of 3 $165.50, weathered $175.50

NSWR sheep wagon, pack of three. $175.50

NSWR CHG guards van (caboose) pilot model shown. $49.50

NSWR LCH/CCH 4 wheel hoppers, 5 of each type, Now back in stock. $349.50