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International Hobbies

O scale kits

International Hobbies stocks a wide variety of construction, farm equipment and many vehicle kits. Most of these kits are white metal or pewter castings and some feature etched brass parts for the fine detail. They can be assembled with ACC, epoxy or low melt solder (Carrs is the best and we stock it). A small sample of these kits are illustrated below.

Duncan Models kits of white metal castings with some resin castings in larger models and etched brass for some delicate detail such as booms.

DM252 Ford Model T dump truck kit, white metal castings $69.50

DM132 Seed drill, horse drawn. Primarily white metal castings. $45.50

DM91 Portable steam engine to power farm or indusutrial machines. Pulled by tractors or teams $79.50

DM7 "Hit and miss" stationary gasoline engine. $9.50

DM204 Oil engine w/flywheel, Crossley trpe, kit, primarily white metal castings. $39.50

DM205 Horse drawn water cart kit, white metal and resin castings. Other items not included. $39.50

DM206 Tar boiler on wheels, kit, primarily white metal castings. $49.50

DM200a Horziontal bolier kit for yard scene or flat car load. White metal castings. $45.50

DM4 Reeves horse drawn plough (horse and ploughman available). $13.50

DM251 Men's toilet (urinal) with cast iron panels, Victorian era. Base not included. $39.50

Duncan Models makes a wide variety of farm and construction equipment kits plus many detailing items from wild birds and animals to wheel chocks and cross cut saws