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International Hobbies

On30 /On3 kits

We stock the excellent locomotive kits by Buffalo Landing and Branchlines. The Branchlines Model "T" railbus kit 1s etched brass and are complete with motor, gears and wheels. They can be gauged for On30 or On3. The kits include excellent and through instructions. The Buffalo Landing kits consist of pewter castings and can be assembled by using epoxy, ACC or soldering with low melt solder. The instructions are complete and easy to follow. The Plymouths are designed for the Black Beetle power truck in either On3 or On30 (available from Steam Era Models).

Buffalo Landing West Side Plymouth kit designed for the Black Beetle power unit, On3 or On30.

Buffalo Landing Plymouth kit (standard/generic version) designed for the Black Beetle, On3 or On30.

Buffalo Landing Milwaukee kit designed for the Black Beetle (On3 or On30)

Buffalo Landing Plymouth kits ( WSLC and generic or standard version) designed for the Black Beetle.